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Why Youth Philanthropy is so Important

At our organization we love it when children or youth decide to do a fundraiser for us. There is little that resonates with our stakeholders more than hearing a story about kids helping other kids. We tend to refer to these fundraisers as Third Party Events. Our chapter is fairly small local charity when compared to some international or national charities, however the funds raised by these third party events is by no means insignificant. For the fiscal year that just past groups doing third party events raised a million dollars for us- that is a lot of penny carnivals and lemonade stands.

However as important or maybe more important than the  dollar figure is the behavior inspired by these junior philanthropists. In the video below I talk about two of the youth who made a big difference to our charity. I will also talk about some of the ways we recognize and reward youth philanthropy (not that they are looking for any rewards).


Here’ why I have the Coolest job…

We have the opportunity to bear witness to some of the most amazing stories of hero children fighting there way through serious illness. We also get to experience and be part of some of the most interesting stories of generosity as well. This is a short story about a 5 year old who could teach us all a little bit about giviing ,