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Twitter Content that engages followers

We have had more than a few conversations around here about how many tweets per day is too much or too little. Over time I have come to believe if you want to inform your audience about the good work your cause does, or your need for support, or what the world would be like if your charity didn’t exist, you really have to focus more on content. Not that frequency or volume of posts is not important but your content overall should be both relevant and interesting to your followers. I have talked in earlier posts (or on video in my YouTube Channel) about the 80/20 rule, but on this video I talk a little bit about the social media rule of thirds when it comes to curating and developing content. Check out this video below for some tactics to keep your twitter content interesting and engaging for your followers.

How your charity can get more followers on Instagram.

If you have read my blog before you might have gathered that I like Instagram. My personal IG site/page is personal, but clearly a big part of my life involves leading and volunteering for charitable organizations. So as a result my personal IG page looks like a Hodge podge of charity posts mixed in with my family pics and pictures about my personal images. Not the I would recommend you manage your charities IG account or other social media in this way, probably quite the opposite, however my IG account has a few followers and I clearly am going to use my personal social media to gather support and awareness for the organizations that I am passionate about, that I work for, that I volunteer or that I donate to (or frankly in some cases all of the above).

However I do feel that Instagram is a powerful tool for a charity or a nonprofit organization. It is the old a “picture is worth a thousand words” adage. A charity that has a compelling story to tell -that can be visual should be utilizing this media. Now on social media you often hear people say that it is less important how many followers you have than  how engaged they are. There is some truth to this, however think about this if your charity was offered a 60 second commericial for free during the Super Bowl or you could have that same 60 second commercial on your local community access station -which would you chose? I am guessing you would choose the Super Bowl- why? because so many more people will see your commericial. Having more followers on IG means more people are going to see your story, see the important work you do in your community, and find out about your need for volunteers and donors. Okay so lots of followers is not everything, but lets face it having a few more than you have now isn’t going to hurt you and the likelihood is that the more you have the more donors and volunteers you are going to attract to do the important work you are doing in your community.

So with this in mind using hash tags on your IG posts is a great way to increase your following and the video below tells you exactly how to do this:

NonProfit professionals why you and your charity need to be on Linkedin

I have to admit when I first set up a LinkedIn profile for myself – I really didn’t get the platform. It seemed like just a glorified online resume. Now I appreciate what the platform does for me personally as well as what it does for our charity. I interact a lot more with other professionals on this platform than some of my other personal social media channels. For our organization we will often post job ads on LinkedIn but we also know that if we post a job ad on our website and a few of our staff who are on LinkedIn re-post the link to their own network we will get quite a few more click thru’s as well as more applications. I personally will try to reach out to people who work in the sector. I am a nonprofit organizational leader so I know at some point I will be recruiting non profit finance people, fundraisers, social workers,  non profit marketing staff. If I hear about someone who works in these areas who has a good personal reputation I will reach out to them on LinkedIn, I may not have a job today- but when I do I want them to see my ad. Anyway, in the video below I talk about some of the reasons- you as well as your organization should be engaged on LinkedIn.


How to get 100,000 followers on twitter

Is having a 100,000 followers important? Probably not ,but a few days ago I saw a YouTube video from a charity leader who I think says a lot of important things in support of the sector, he had posted a video how to get 10,000 twitter followers. It made me think every once in a while people ask me how I got this many follower. So I thought I would do a video as well. Below is the video with a few tips and approaches I use. I have had my twitter account since 2011 so by no means is this video going to change your following over night. However doing some of the things on the video will definitely help your following to grow in a systematic fashion. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

How to build a Rockstar Twitter Following

Not that I think I have a rock-star twitter following or anything, but I do definitely like the platform and I think it can be a great awareness and even revenue building tool for you charity. The video below includes some of the strategies I use to build twitter relationships. However I have also included a link to a recent post Kim Garst posted on her blog. Kim has some great ideas and in the video I talk about some of her ideas that I have not used but am planing to try. You can check out her blog for the original post. However you are bound to find some other great content and tips there as well.




4 reasons your charity needs to be on periscope

Periscope is currently the fastest growing social media platform out there. Earlier this week Kim Garst published a blog post about the 6 reasons your business needs to be on periscope. When I read the blogpost I knew right away that at least 4 of these reasons were great reasons for Charities to be on periscope. If you haven’t checked out Kim’s blog here is the link -she has a lot of great content on all of here social media channels- so check her out:


The video link below talks about the 4 reasons I think your charity should be on periscope, and of course it was originally broadcast on periscope:

Marketing to Millennials with Emoji’s

Do you know you can order a Domino’s pizza now by texting or tweeting a pizza slice Emoji? Millennials are turning the rules of advertising and marketing on its head because they have very different preferences and patterns in the way they consume media. They also have some strong values that influences not only their consumer behavior but also the way they approach charities and causes that they believe in. The video below talks about two recent newspaper articles and their authors take on both: marketing to millennials & how millennials give to charity .

Starting social media for your small business or charity.

Some small business owners or organizational leaders for nonprofits are reluctant to start social media for their organizations as they do not think the platforms will be effective for them. I have written other blog posts that give some good rationales why these platforms might be very cost effective tools to raise awareness or market your organization. However many leaders or business owners are reluctant to use these platforms as in a way they fear them. On periscope lately you will see a lot of broadcasts about how to get over your fear of broadcasting. This video posting (originally broadcast on periscope) talks about how to take that plunge into using social media for your business or nonprofit.

4 things your business or charity should do with Instagram

I have to say Instagram or IG has got to be one of my favorite social media platforms. I think it is an ideal platform or communications vehicle for a charity to use. Particularly charities like ours were imagines can easily tell the story of what we do or who we help. I have some favorites among the charities but I think you will find some charities out there who typically would have avoided asking their users or consumers to be part of their awareness campaigns becoming very effective in using vehicles like Instagram. I think to tell the story using this tool you do have to literally build your own audience, but once you have built it, your followers are there for you to engage any time you want to. The video below suggests a few tips on how your charity can build this audience.

How your charity can increase it’s Instagram Followers

Instagram is a great social media platform for nonprofits and charities to use. If your organization has a story to tell or a case to present images will likely help you to convey those messages in a powerful way. However if no one is following your Instagram account you are going to have a hard time getting your message out. Here are a few tactics which will increase both the number of IG followers paying attention to what your charity is doing. Additionally the vlog will give you a few tactics to help you to get these followers more engaged in what your charity is doing.