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4 things your business or charity should do with Instagram

I have to say Instagram or IG has got to be one of my favorite social media platforms. I think it is an ideal platform or communications vehicle for a charity to use. Particularly charities like ours were imagines can easily tell the story of what we do or who we help. I have some favorites among the charities but I think you will find some charities out there who typically would have avoided asking their users or consumers to be part of their awareness campaigns becoming very effective in using vehicles like Instagram. I think to tell the story using this tool you do have to literally build your own audience, but once you have built it, your followers are there for you to engage any time you want to. The video below suggests a few tips on how your charity can build this audience.


How your charity can increase it’s Instagram Followers

Instagram is a great social media platform for nonprofits and charities to use. If your organization has a story to tell or a case to present images will likely help you to convey those messages in a powerful way. However if no one is following your Instagram account you are going to have a hard time getting your message out. Here are a few tactics which will increase both the number of IG followers paying attention to what your charity is doing. Additionally the vlog will give you a few tactics to help you to get these followers more engaged in what your charity is doing.