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NonProfit professionals why you and your charity need to be on Linkedin

I have to admit when I first set up a LinkedIn profile for myself – I really didn’t get the platform. It seemed like just a glorified online resume. Now I appreciate what the platform does for me personally as well as what it does for our charity. I interact a lot more with other professionals on this platform than some of my other personal social media channels. For our organization we will often post job ads on LinkedIn but we also know that if we post a job ad on our website and a few of our staff who are on LinkedIn re-post the link to their own network we will get quite a few more click thru’s as well as more applications. I personally will try to reach out to people who work in the sector. I am a nonprofit organizational leader so I know at some point I will be recruiting non profit finance people, fundraisers, social workers,  non profit marketing staff. If I hear about someone who works in these areas who has a good personal reputation I will reach out to them on LinkedIn, I may not have a job today- but when I do I want them to see my ad. Anyway, in the video below I talk about some of the reasons- you as well as your organization should be engaged on LinkedIn.


How your CEOs Facebook can help your charity

Presidents, CEOs and other organizational leaders can leverage their organizations awareness building efforts by using their own personal social media. Leaders may be able to build a social media presence that is easier for followers to identify with than the organizations brand. Additionally leaders are not confined to a need to “stick to brand ” or the “key messages alone. This is not to say that an organizational leader is free to post or say whatever they wish to if they represent a cause. However today’s population is savvy and skeptical of organizations and may be more trusting of individuals who represent a cause but who are viewed as transparent , trustworthy and approachable.