Don’t let your social media hurt your career

When you read a title like this you might think I am recommending that you don’t post any wild party photos or compromising photos on the Facebook page. Well I don’t recommend you post compromising photos for sure -but that is not what this vlog is all about. A colleague of mine was telling me that she needed to get better at using her own personal social media channels. She had just read an article that suggested that one of the things that will hold executives back in their career will be lack of social media effectiveness. In the video below I also talk about research done on a for profit sector. Towards the end of the video I talk about what social media factors increased a companies sales leads substantially over competitors who did not use social media. Now right now if you are a nonprofit professional you are probably thinking this doesn’t relate to me or my work place-but it does. In the nonprofit sector we have sales leads-we call them prospects, and some of the hints in the video do point to ways your charity can get more donors and find new prospects. 

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