Richard Branson’s Business Advice

Okay I have to admit -I stumbled onto this link by mistake. I saw a tweet from Richard Branson saying something about you don’t need to “strive” in business. At least that is what I thought it said -so I clicked on the link. This did not seem like something Branson would say and of course her didn’t. I had read the tweet wrong and was posting a blog post of Richard Branson’s favorite business quotes about the need to strive in business. The video below lists some of these quotes. Really when I think of the times where the charity I run now had accomplished the most,the

board and management were definitely “striving” -there was a willingness to reach out just a little further than your grasp. One of our board members Jim had joined to board to help us with a capital campaign. One of our board members asked Jim ,how do we know what size gift is the right size for us to commit personally to this campaign. Jim would tell our board your gift should hurt just a little. For a campaign as important as this you should give just a little more than it feels comfortable to give- it should be a “stretch gift”. In the for profit or non profit world if you want to do something impressive you need to stretch or strive a bit more than you feel comfortable with.


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