Month: November 2015

Where does $1 to the Ronald McDonald House go?

The first Ronald McDonald House opened more than 40 years ago (1974) in Philadelphia when Dr Audrey Lane at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia saw a need for short-term lodging near the hospital for families of cancer patients. Since then, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc. (RMHC) – a public charity under both the IRS Code […]

30 ways your donation helps our families

For most, the holiday season is filled with parties, shopping, laughter and joy — but Ronald McDonald House Charities® Southern & Central Alberta families are experiencing the season much differently. Everything is on hold — including celebrating the holidays — while our families wait patiently at their child’s bedside far from home and hope for good […]

How to build a Rockstar Twitter Following

Not that I think I have a rock-star twitter following or anything, but I do definitely like the platform and I think it can be a great awareness and even revenue building tool for you charity. The video below includes some of the strategies I use to build twitter relationships. However I have also included a link to a recent post Kim Garst posted on her blog. Kim has some great ideas and in the video I talk about some of her ideas that I have not used but am planing to try. You can check out her blog for the original post. However you are bound to find some other great content and tips there as well.


It was a heartfelt experience from beginning to end

Written by: Carie Stock, Executive Director of Helping Families Handle Cancer We received a tour of the house last December, and in doing so, we found out that the House had a cooking program where groups or businesses could come in and cook for all the families that were staying there. Immediately the Helping Families team wanted […]

Tips and tricks to get through cold & flu season

Cold and flu season is upon us! Your family may likely experience a cold, flu or some combination of the two. We asked one of our nurse’s on the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile® to tell us what the difference is between a cold and flu and some ways you can prepare your family this season. What […]

Donate to your favorite charity’s administration costs

No wise charity leaders out there or fundraising will be suggesting that their organization plan its Christmas appeal around covering administration costs this season. However as wise leaders understand we do have to invest in our administration or our fundraising to increase our ability to make the impact our charity is intended to make. Imagine if a friend suggested that you invest in the favorite companies stock. The company bragged that it invested no money on staff, operations ,technology or training and development. You might thing that this company might not be a good long term investment. However Marina Glogovac President and CEO of, points out in her recent Huffington Post blogpost  that this is what we do to charities when we expect them to direct donations. We encourage or demand of them that they spend money only on direct programs not the other things we would expect a for profit company to do. Below is a link to a vlog post that further covers this double standard we have for charities:

4 reasons your charity needs to be on periscope

Periscope is currently the fastest growing social media platform out there. Earlier this week Kim Garst published a blog post about the 6 reasons your business needs to be on periscope. When I read the blogpost I knew right away that at least 4 of these reasons were great reasons for Charities to be on periscope. If you haven’t checked out Kim’s blog here is the link -she has a lot of great content on all of here social media channels- so check her out:

The video link below talks about the 4 reasons I think your charity should be on periscope, and of course it was originally broadcast on periscope:

Marketing to Millennials with Emoji’s

Do you know you can order a Domino’s pizza now by texting or tweeting a pizza slice Emoji? Millennials are turning the rules of advertising and marketing on its head because they have very different preferences and patterns in the way they consume media. They also have some strong values that influences not only their consumer behavior but also the way they approach charities and causes that they believe in. The video below talks about two recent newspaper articles and their authors take on both: marketing to millennials & how millennials give to charity .

Starting social media for your small business or charity.

Some small business owners or organizational leaders for nonprofits are reluctant to start social media for their organizations as they do not think the platforms will be effective for them. I have written other blog posts that give some good rationales why these platforms might be very cost effective tools to raise awareness or market your organization. However many leaders or business owners are reluctant to use these platforms as in a way they fear them. On periscope lately you will see a lot of broadcasts about how to get over your fear of broadcasting. This video posting (originally broadcast on periscope) talks about how to take that plunge into using social media for your business or nonprofit.