Using Twitter to promote your Fundraising Events

If you’ve read my blog at all -you will know I think social media can be a powerful tool to promote a charity’s mission, educate users or other possible stakeholders. I do strongly believe that most of your posts should not be about fundraising events or asking people for money. Now you may argue that to deliver your charity’s mission you need money so of course you are going  to use every means at your disposal to ask for money.

Well I too think social media is a vehicle to ask for donations but I do think out of 10 posts on social media 8 or 9 should not be about asking for money but instead talking about what you are doing with that money. With all that said -we have a little way we use twitter to promote one of our fundraising event. This weekend is the 9th year we have held the Rock the House Run. On our website this is how we describe the event:

Rock the House Run 2015 – Ronald McDonald House

Rock the House Run™ is one of Calgary’s biggest runs. With entertainment along the entire route, you never know what might be around the next corner!

In its ninth year, over 1,500 runners and walkers will come out to participate in the 10K and 5K run, 5K walk or the 1K McDonald’s Go Active walk for kids.

A few years back we were just starting to use twitter and we thought social media might be one more way to market the event. We came up with the idea of deploying a “Stweet Team” based on a twist of the “Street Teams” some charities would employ to deliver service. So here was the  idea -we would reach out to some of our local twitter influencers and ask them to promote the event on their twitter account and use a common hashtag #RocktheHouseRun . We also asked the team to come to the event and live tweet and tweet pictures of the event all along the route. The first year was a great success with the hashtag and our twitter handle trending in Calgary and Red Deer. The next year we were able to trend across Canada. Needless to say the Stweet Team has become a permanent fixture at our event and a way we get to share the fun -with all of our social media followers whether they can make it to Calgary on the day of the event or not.


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