#TeamRonald Trains! How our CEO Prepares for Race Day

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By Larry Mathieson: CEO, Ronald McDonald House Charities® Southern & Central Alberta

I have five children, and doing triathlons/running races has been a family thing. Last year, as my wife Cathy and I approached our 50th birthdays, we decided we weren’t going to just slide into ‘old age’; we would do our best to fight it at every turn. We were determined to be able to do things that we had not done since our thirties or, in some cases, things we’ve never done.

One of my ‘rebelling against old age’ efforts was to register in Tough Mudder. This race was guaranteed to be 16-20 km long on a course filled with military-style obstacles. I was determined to finish in a respectable time, but the longest race I had ever run was 10 km, and it had been over 20 years since I had run in a race.

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