Month: October 2014

Is your E-Newsletter generating Donations?

Is your E-Newsletter generating Donations? If you have read any of the other posts on this blog you will know I am a big fan of social media. However I do not believe that social media alone will change our fundraising or revenue generating world.  I do believe that effective social media usage is considered and utilized in concert with your website and your organizations e-newsletter. An article on NonProfit Tech for Good (Nonprofit Tech for Good, September, 2014) suggests:” Despite the rapid rise of social media, more online donations are made from a click in an e-newsletter than any other source. “This article goes on to illustrate that organizations should consider how using their e-newsletter in concert with other digital tools is likely a wise practice. I suppose a logical assumption for a charity is that despite the growth of social media that e-mail is still a powerful tool in an organizations fundraising arsenal. The article suggests: Furthermore, email still dominates among online adults of all ages and thanks to the rise of social media, e-newsletter growth in the nonprofit sector grew 14% in 2013, especially for small nonprofits. Thus, not only is the myth that social media replaces email false, but now it is also understood and proven that email use is increased by social media and that in fact the two tools are complimentary and increase the success of your online fundraising campaigns (Nonprofit Tech for Good, September,2014).

The article mentioned above lists 10 best practices for you e-newsletter but I am only going to comment on a few. The first practice mentioned relates to mobile access and design. For our organizations website a little over a year ago only nine percent of our website visitors were viewing our site from a mobile device- recently this percentage went up to about 25 percent. Currently the percentage that view our website from a mobile device is growing by about 1% per month (today closer to 30% of our visitors view us from a mobile device). For you newsletter it is likely a good assumption that a growing number of your readers are going to read the newsletter from the phone or tablet in the future.  Nonprofit Tech for Good (September, 2014) describes;” 66% of emails are now opened either on a smartphone or tablet. For email to continue to be effective in your content and fundraising strategies, your nonprofit must prioritize mobile design.”

As I mentioned in the post the authors at Nonprofit Tech suggest making you content easy to share. They advise: ”Enable social sharing. Hosted e-newsletter services allow subscribers to share your entire e-newsletter to their social networks, but allowing subscribers to share individual articles is smart strategy. “ It makes a lot of sense to share the great work your organization is doing with all the stakeholders in your email list, but if a few of these individuals share your story with all their contacts- this clearly increases your reach. The article goes on to recommend 8 other best practices-so if you have a few moments I would recommend clicking on the link below in the references to read the rest of the post.


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