More reasons NGO/NPO leaders should engage on social media


            I am always interested to hear what Zoe Amar has to say about charities and their use of social media. Today one of her articles was posted on the NCVO website titled Social Media for Leaders-What’s in it For You (link is below if you want to check it out). Being a little active on social media I would say that the points on Amar’s ring true. For example she describes reasons charity leaders (or other organizational leaders for that matter) might want to be active on social media are;” social media is a valuable way for you to develop relationships with key stakeholders, widen the reach of your charity’s work and talk directly to stakeholders”.  When you think about it a nonprofit leader spends a great deal of her/his time developing or maintain relationships with both users and stakeholders for their organization. Amar quotes an interesting finding in the post:” According to research by BA online, 8 out of 10 people are likely to trust an organization whose CEO and team use social media, while 93% of employees think ‘social CEOs’ are better equipped to handle a crisis.” There is something about putting yourself out there on social media that creates a transparency and accessibility that creates trust and credibility. Don’t get me wrong I am sure there are things you could post on social media that could destroy trust and credibility, but I am assuming most leaders are accustomed and seasoned in acting as a spokesperson for their organization. A decade ago it would have been hard for a nonprofit leader to be as accessible to constituents and stakeholders as social media channels allow you to be. The post describes that through social media a leader has the ability to widen the reach of your charities work, Amar suggests:” Your status as a CEO can be amplified by social media, highlighting the amazing work that your organization does.” Most charity leaders I know enjoy any opportunity or any channel that affords them the opportunity to talk about the great work their charity is doing. This has to, also fall; into the category of things leaders spend a lot of time doing- spreading the word about your cause and its outcomes.  If you are a charity leader and these rationales aren’t enough to convince you to start and IG or Twitter account with your name attached to it, Amar provides one more rationale. She quotes Julie Bentley (CEO for Girlguiding), she states:” It’s a platform that can offer you immediate access to what your audience is saying. Not only will this help you strengthen your relationships with the people who matter most to your charity, but it will keep you in touch with what’s happening on the ground.”


Amar, Z (2014) Social media for leaders – what’s in it for you? As retrieved from  

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