Best time for your charity to Post


              I find with my own posts I am always experimenting to try to figure out when the best time to post is.   I used to do a lot of posts after 7:30 PM because I had read once that a lot of people sit down with their tablets and phones after dinner and dishes are done for some well-deserved down time.  More recently if I put a blog post up I might tweet or post the link on LinkedIn at 12:30 in the morning as well as 7 to 8 Pm. This way I seem to get views from my followers in North America as well as followers in the UK and Australia. I tend to think of experimenting a bit with the timing of posts as a way to quasi scientifically figure out the best time to reach followers, but in reality this is probably just a lot of systematic guessing. I did find this interesting blog post by Shea Bennett that has some observations that are worth considering. Bennett posts an infographic from Fannit with some interesting facts and statistics. Personally and for our organization we don’t do a lot of posting on the weekend which seems to make sense for us.   The infographic would suggest that for Facebook this would make sense –they suggest this is the worst time to post on Facebook. However Twitter engagement goes up by 30% on the weekend- so maybe we should be more active on Twitter during the weekend.  The infographic points out that 80% of mobile users check their phone each morning, their advice is weekdays between 6am and 8am is a great time to post on FaceBook. They also go on to suggest that most people don’t check FaceBook while they are at work (probably because most employers would frown on this) so the best times to post are obviously before and after work. A suggestion that I suppose seems intuitive is if you ask for a Retweet on twitter you are more likely to get one. This makes a lot of sense but I have heard that this is really poor form on twitter. Not sure what I think of that recommendation-but if you give it a try, maybe ask for retweets sparingly. If you are posting on LinkedIn- the blog post suggests most people check their LinkedIn right before and right after work. So the best time to post on LinkedIn is 7-8:30 am and 5 to 6 Pm. A few of the nonprofit executives I know are not as keen on LinkedIn as they may be of other social media. LinkedIn doesn’t seem to be changing our fundraising world, but it sure has been a great tool to post our career postings on and to subsequently have a few of our staff team share the post.  Another interesting fact Business people are most active on social media on Tuesdays and Thursday –so you know what days to post on LinkedIn .

         Some interesting and useful tips in this article, however this is assuming that your charity is local and most of your followers are nearby. If you are a national charity or your follower base is more global you are going to need to do a little time zone math. As I mentioned above for myself this has meant doing some posting in the small hours of the morning Thank goodness for Hoot Suite and TweetDeck



Bennett, S (2013) The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pintrest:  All  

           Twitter: The unofficial resource, As retrieved from;



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