5 More Great On-line Resources for Charity Leaders


            I never feel that you  can know enough or learn enough about how to do a better job leading the organization you work for.  The great thing about being a professional or leader in this age is the abundance of information and material for learning that is available as close as on your phone, tablet or laptop. Here are a few more organizations I frequently check out as a source of new ideas.



          Great website with blog-posts about everything to do with branding, marketing or communications for the nonprofit sector. The organization provides an interesting service to professionals working in the sector called “AskCharity”. The service is described as :”  AskCharity is a free service designed to help journalists and charities work together. Journalists can use it to find case studies, spokespeople and information from a wide range of charities. Charities can use it to build their media contacts and coverage.”


The Chronicle of Philanthropy

             This has to be the ultimate newspaper for Fundraisers. I have had a subscription for a while, but if you don’t want to jump in and invest right away, follow their website for a while and see if you find the articles to your liking. The website and subscription service covers pretty much anything to do with fundraising and philantrophy.


Imagine Canada

           Even if you are not from Canada this site has some great resources (certainly if you work for a Canadian Charity you will find this site even more helpful).  The organization is a critical support to the Canadian nonprofit sector. On their website they describe themselves in the following manner: ” Imagine Canada is a national charitable organization whose cause is Canada’s charities. Our three broad goals are to strengthen the sector’s collective voice, create opportunities to connect and learn from each other, and build the sector’s capacity to succeed.”  Check out their site to find out more that this organization does for the sector, but also check it out for the resources they post online. They have guides for nonprofits for most of the critical areas important to running a charity.  The organization also publishes the report Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating Data which is a great resource to understanding how Canadians give and volunteer. On a frequent basis the organization also publishes its Sector Monitor which tends to provide a lot of great information regarding emerging trends facing the sector. Imagine Canada polls nonprofit leaders and executives from across the country to prepare the report.



           Now Blackbaud is in the business of helping charities, so it should be no surprise that their website is full of valuable resources. The link to their resource section is here:


I am a big fan of their gift range calculator an easy to use, valuable resource to use when planning a capital campaign or even planning out your annual campaign.

I also like Blackbaud’s white papers which are brief “how to” guides and primers. If you are a new leader working for a charity I am sure you will find something useful to you here. Even if you have been in the sector for decades and are planning to implement something new to your organization , like P2P fundraising you’ll find some useful information here.




          Also in the business of helping nonprofits Convio like Blackbaud has a lot of valuable information on their website. Convio was so successful in what they do-that Blackbaud actually bought them a while back. Not unlike the Blackbaud site there are some useful tip sheets and guides for a number of fundraising. Convio does a few reports annually that help us compare ourselves to other charities in the sector. Be sure to check out Convio’s :” Charitable Giving Report,  Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking Report and their Online Benchmarking Report. You will come away with some new ideas but also see how your nonprofit stacks up.




2 thoughts on “5 More Great On-line Resources for Charity Leaders

  1. Through the years, I thought Convio was terrific and an incredible resource. I am not sure they remain the same since being bought by Blackbaud in terms of sharing the wealth of knowledge. I might be kicked out of the NPO sector for that comment, but that’s just my thinking.

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