6 great online resources for charity leaders


          In any sector staying abreast of changes in your environment and changes and technology can make the difference for the success of your organization. This is certainly true for the nonprofit sector. Fortunately there are many on-line resources that provide a wealth of information for nonprofit leaders and executives. Here are just a few sites that I find myself checking out on a fairly regular basis to come up with new ideas and stay abreast of changes in technology and trends pertinent to the sector.


Charity Village and Charity Channel’

I first became aware of these sites when I was looking for my first jobs in the nonprofit sector.  Both sites have nonprofit sector job postings and offer job alert features (emails will be sent directly to your in-box for positions meeting your criterion.  Both sites have a library of on line articles and how to guides for a number of issues important to non-profit organizations (e.g. board development, volunteer management, fundraising budgeting, etc.) Charity Channel is a U.S site and Charity Village is Canadian. If we have an opening which is specific to the sector like a fundraising or a program operations role, Charity Village is one of our go-to sites for posting

http://charitychannel.com/    http://charityvillage.com/

Nonprofit Hub

This site has some really interesting posts on social media, fundraising, technology relevant to the sector and more. I like this site because at times their writers just seem a little ahead of the curve. Some of their authors are talking about trends that are going to happen before most of us are paying attention to them. They also tend to have great links to articles and material on other sites of interest.


The NonProfit Times

I tend to think of this website as the digital newspaper for the sector. If you are a fan of charities and all aspects of what they do and what it takes to operate them this is a good site for you. Very frequently I come across links on my LinkedIn feed to articles that I think will be really interesting. A good proportion of the time the articles are a link to this website.


Non Profit Technology Network (NTEN)

As the name of the site suggests this website and their related media focuses on the “tech” side of the nonprofit world.  One of the nice things about this site is you can search for resources and links by job/role type. For example you can search for resources for:

 •Communications Staff


 •IT Staff


 •Program Staff

This organization also produces a quarterly journal (NTEN Change: A Quarterly Journal for NonProfit Leaders). It is a visually appealing document with a lot of great material and you can sign up online to receive it for free.  Another value on this site is the organization does research and produces bench mark studies in an few areas of interest to nonprofit leaders- and of course you can also download these studies for free.  


Blue Avocado

One of my former board presidents was a big fan on this site; she used it to find a lot of useful information on board development, governance and board training.  I like the site because it covers all aspects of nonprofit management – but I also like it because the organization does not take itself too seriously. After all a name like Blue Avocado- if you weren’t reading about it here you would not necessarily assume it was a site for nonprofit leaders.  They also appear willing to make the odd tongue in cheek post. Today I noticed the post below posted on their front page. I had to go to the Charity Navigator Site for more information- oh right it is April Fools Day.

Charity Navigator Closes

From Lee Taylor, Hayward, California

“We realized it’s stupid to rank nonprofits based on a few unproven management indicators,” said leaders. “We apologize for all the harm we’ve done to good nonprofits.” When reached for comment, a nonprofit spokesperson said, “Ding dong the wicked witch is dead.”



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