Small Charities: Making a Difference all Over the World

         I love the charity I work for, but I have to admit I am a bit of a fan of charities large and small and what they do in their corner of the world. Yesterday one of my twitter followers drew my attention to this charity in Ireland.  Having worked most of my career for organizations that support children and families I had to love what this charity does.  Also working with sick children and their families I can appreciate what a benefit a service like this can be to them. The organization is called BUMBLEance and their vision is to:

Our vision is to provide improved and professional medical transportation services for long-term sick and seriously disabled children, who require professional ambulance transportation. We will transport children in a fun environment from the far reaches of Ireland, both urban and rural, to their treatment centres.

           Within the last two years our own organization started to partner with a local healthcare provider to provide mobile health care services,so I definitely appreciate what they do for children. A service like this is an interesting support and fills an important gap for seriously ill children. To be honest leading a nonprofit the first thing I had to think when I saw their videos was “how do we get one of these in Canada?”. Anyway check out their promotional video –what they do for kids is very impressive. If you live in Ireland or are just concerned about sick children- there are a number of ways on their website that you can become involved or provide support.


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