Catching Your Staff doing a great job


          I have had a few messages about the Top 5 updates I do with my board that I described in the blog post below:

I actually do an update that is similar with our staff group, we call it simply DYK or did you know. It is really important for us to have our teams or departments work well together. For the most part our staff are pretty good are rowing in the same direction. I am a little biased but I think we have more than our share of good luck in attracting great people to work in our programs. However in any organization there can always be more or better communication. From time to time staff members in one team may feel that they are not getting the recognition that members from another team are, or that their team works harder or has fewer perks than members of another team. We wanted a way to recognize what people were doing really well, but also a way to communicate across our whole team what their co-workers were doing well. As Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson say in their book The One Minute Manager – “Catch people doing something right” and tell them about it. The DYK was kind of based on this notion; we wanted to catch people doing great work and celebrate it across the organization. Like the Top 5 for the board we wanted the information to be sound bites or headlines so that our staff would read it, and remember it.  I send DYK items via email to all the staff Friday afternoons around the time I send the Top 5 to the board.

           I don’t see all the great work our team is doing first hand every week, so my managers will email me items about their staff member’s activities. As well any member of our staff team can send me items. Some of the items are home run outcomes or behavior and some are just small things people do to make our work a little more effective. All of the items in some way make us more sustainable, make the service we provide a little better for kids and families, make our organization better/more effective in some ways or make a co-worker job a little easier. By encouraging all of our staff members to contribute items at some point in the year- makes it everybody’s job to catch co-workers doing great work.


Blanchard, K. & Johnson, S. (1982) The One Minute Manager: New York: William Morrow & Co,

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