The best fundraisers start by accident


         Okay maybe they don’t start by accident but they are usually initiated by a motive other than raising money. Often they are started by someone with profound love for someone who has benefited from your organizations service or support. If you read the blog post below you know what a big fan of third party fundraisers I am:

         One of our mom’s, Sherri was in town a few weeks ago visiting us, and it made me think of a fundraiser she started a few years back. Only it didn’t really start as a fundraiser.  One night Sherri was shaving her daughter Leeza’s scalp as her hair had begun to unevenly fall out. Leeza was a six year old girl fighting cancer. There are many things about childhood cancer that really suck-but losing your hair seems to be nature’s version of adding insult to injury. Leeza was telling her mother how she was embarrassed and afraid to lose her hair, she asked Sherri if she would shave her head as well. Sherri –likely without a lot of second thought agreed. When mother and daughter arrived downstairs for breakfast at Ronald McDonald House the next morning the other mothers were moved by the story and before long 5 other mothers whose children were fighting cancer or other serious illness were on board to shave their heads as well. One of our donor walls in the Calgary has bricks to recognize donors who donate at least $5000. The mom’s quickly decided if we are going to do this we might as well raise some money for the House and they set their target of raising enough to have a brick on the donor wall. Go Bald or Go Home was born to raise money for RMH.  Our board secretary and longtime volunteer had just been diagnosed with cancer at the time. She was moved by the mothers stories and she and her son decided that they too would shave their head and raise funds for the House. In the end the six mothers and a few volunteers ended up raising over $22,000 over a few days. We do have a brick on our donor wall –Go Bald or Go Home.


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