Is Your Charity Missing out on Billions of on-line donations?

     Okay if you work for a small or medium sized charity –you are probably not missing out on billions, but it is quite likely that you could increase the amount of on-line gifts you do receive.  About a year and a half ago we invested in our website and on-line fundraising software to make it easier to donate through peer to peer pledge pages, share our appeals and content on donors social media pages and to make it easier for supporters to sign up for email updates and newsletters. This year we have budgeted and planned to improve our website so that it is even more mobile friendly and easier to donate from a mobile device. Today through my own email I received a link to an article on the Chronicle of Philanthropy that is a reminder of why this was a good idea.

          The article reports the findings of a study of 151 organizations (100 from The Chronicle’s Philanthropy 400) undertaken by Dunham and Company.  The very short version of the findings is that: “The groups take too long to ask for money and when they do they make it too hard to give on-line.”  The study identifies a few clues to a charity in how to make it easier for donors to give to your organization.  One of the findings was that “Sixty-Five percent of their websites required visitors to click through three pages or more to give on-line.”  Have you ever tried to purchase something on-line and had this type of experience? Chances are you might have given up and decided not to purchase or purchase elsewhere. If your on-line donations require this many “click thru’s “you might want to check out your organizations website analytics. For our own sites we monitor how long people are on our site and on average how many pages they view each month. We are continually trying to impact these numbers. If you are a small charity who has not invested a lot of brain power and perhaps some cash into your website –it is quite possible that the average visitor is not even looking at three pages on your site and if this is the case you can imagine what this is doing the probably of receiving more online donations.

           Brad Davies was the project director for the study and he is quoted as suggesting: “It is easy to assume nonprofits are missing out on several billion dollars by not making their –online giving experience as easy and dynamic as possible.”  The good news is that a charity can impact this probability of receiving on-line gifts. The authors also report;” They found that the 10 organizations that gave donors the best online-giving experience raised about 25% more money online on average than others.” (If you want to know who these top 10 were you can check the link below)



Flandez,R (2014) Most Charities Fail at Online Fundraising Basics, Says Study; Chronicle of Philanthropy    

           website as Retrieved from:




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