Canada trusts it’s Charitable Sector



          Having the trust of your community, your donors and your supporters is of critical importance to a charity and the charitable sector as whole.  The good news is in Canada we do have a lot of trust from the public in general. A research review published on the Nonprofit MarCommunity reports the level of trust Canadians have in the sector. Bob Wyatt (E.D for the Muttart Foundation) is quoted as saying: There’s some very good news in Talking about Charities. People trust us, they know that we improve the quality-of-life of the people we serve and they recognize the importance of charities to Canadians and those outside Canada who we serve.”

          It is interesting that the report also suggests that the nonprofit sector is one of the most trusted sectors in Canada. It goes on to state that 79% of Canadians have some or a lot of trust in charities. This is higher than the trust afforded to the federal government (45%), provincial governments (44%) local governments (57%) the media (53%) and major corporations (41%)

            Within the charitable sector itself there are varying levels of trust. Working for a children’s charity in the healthcare area, I was happy to read that hospitals and children’s charities were rate highest in the public’s level of trust (86% and 82%).  Having the public’s trust ensures that we have legislative, financial/ donor and volunteer support to carry out our mission. However the report does also provide some cautions which charities and the sector as a whole should attend to. The report indicates that a significant number of Canadians who:” don’t believe we spend money wisely” and that we don’t:” do a very good job telling them about ourselves.

            If you are a leader who volunteers or is employed by a charity or a MarComm professional you should be using every opportunity to tell your community and stakeholders how you are spending their money and what difference it is making. Specifically you should be talking about the impact of your program and services. Typically we talk about these things in our annual report, but charities should use every vehicle available to them. Social media, your website, letters of thanks to volunteers and donors are all tools to spread your message about how funds are being utilized and the impact you are having.

          Bob Wyatt summarizes:” We have to demonstrate that we continue to deserve their trust. And we have to point out to them that charities are probably more transparent and accountable than any other segment of our society. We can’t do this only as a group of individual agencies we have to do that of course, but we also have to start learning to speak as a sector. And we had better start learning to do that soon. “



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