More views on Social CEOs


          If you read my earlier post you will know that I am pro social media and think that nonprofit leaders should be active on social networks. I ran across an interesting blog post by Lauren Ohnesorge who interviews Dorie Clark a marketing strategist and professor at Duke University about the topic.  Clark points out a few pros and cons in having the boss on twitter. Clark suggests:” If a CEO is committed to being authentic online — and has reasonably good judgment — then tweeting is a terrific way to connect with customers, employees and the broader public.” When I read Ohnesorge’s article I tend to insert “donor” “volunteer” or “ consumer “ where she uses the word “customer”  as I think the CEOs use of social media can be a connection to these groups in much the same way a for profit leader connects with customers. For example Ohnesorge/Clark suggest;” By making themselves accessible on social media, they’re opening up a powerful channel of communication. CEOs often don’t get the straight scoop — they’re shielded from information by their subordinates. This way, if customers or employees or other stakeholders have an opinion, good or bad, it will get to the CEO directly. If they do it right, their presence on Twitter can also humanize them and the company they work for.” Having the ability to directly connect with your stakeholders seems like a pretty good reason to open up that social media account/page to me.


Ohnesorge, L 2014 Should CEOs tweet? We ask an expert. Charlotte Business Journal as retrieved from


2 thoughts on “More views on Social CEOs

  1. I wish more CEOs left more digital footprints. Knowing the people behind the projects/ business really builds a truly unique engagement that make clients/ donors want to interact with the organization more.

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