How much are your charity’s tweets worth?


First of all if you are a nonprofit leader or a fundraiser and you don’t follow Zoe Amar on twitter or follow her blog, do so, she posts some great stuff. On twitter she is @zoeamar and there is a link to her website on her masthead.

Okay, Zoe, tweeted out a link to a great info graphic/article. So if I told you that every tweet you did for your charity was worth $5.46, you would probably have your communications person or development person, or whoever is managing you social media tweet a lot more. in the article is described as having an average value per post of 3 pounds sterling. In Canadian dollars that works out to $5.46. Beyond this their average donation from twitter was 22 pounds, which in Canadian terms is $40.92, not bad eh?  The link is below check out the full article it will only take moments to read. Bottom line though is the more tweets –the more site visits and in turn the more raised by your charity. To be more specific in 2013 tweeted 220,821 times, that itself is impressive.  In 2013 as a result of these tweets the charity increased its website hits by 80%. In 2013 73% more money was raised and even more impressive their 2013 total was 448% more than their totals in 2011. With stats like that I bet you will post a few tweets today.


Zoe Amar’s website address

Only 140 characters, but £2.5 million raised: Twitter and JustGiving in 2013; company website as retrieved from


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